Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I pick a Wedding Florist?

The first thing to know, is all florist's are different. Do your Research!

Search the Internet and Social Media for local florists in your area.
Ask your married friends about their experiences.
Flick through magazines looking for 'Real Weddings'.

You will start to be drawn to a particular florist’s style or aesthetic. When you have found 2 or 3 florists that catch your eye, its time to set up an initial consultation with each.

Of course, if you have any questions or just want to chat over the phone, contact us directly!

Q: At what point in the Wedding Planning should I contact a florist?

Flowers are a large part of the design process, so the earlier you can reach out to the florist the better.

In saying that, you will need to have locked in some of the big ticket items such as your date, your venue and ideally your wedding dress! Each of these elements have a huge impact on availabilty, design and budget.

Florists can get booked out months in advance, especially if your wedding is during the peak NZ Wedding season, so be prepared to lock your florist in 6-8 months in advance.

Getting married in the off-season? Earlier is still better, but 3 months notice is usually fine.

Q: What do I need to know before booking in a consultation?

As long as you have a date, venue, and dress, we are good to go!

We typically ask that you bring some images, and ideas along with you, as it helps us get a feel for your colour palette as well as styles that you really like (and those you don't). You don't need to know flowers, seasons or meanings behind everything, that’s our job - but if you do, definitely bring all that information along with you!

Having an idea of your budget is also very important. That way we can take your ideas and build a design and estimate to suit you.

Q: What is an Initial Consultation and is it free?

Initial Consultations are for brides with a budget over $2000, or brides who are after full floral services. If this is you, then the consultation is free, and can be run via Skype or at a spot that makes great coffee!

For those who are not after a full service, we can still make magic together using our Pick and Mix selection

Consultation can be booked in Monday - Friday, run approx. 1 hour.

Q: Should I bring anyone to the Initial Consultation?

Yes - You definitely should!

Even if your significant other isn't fussed on flowers, try bring them along. It's their day too, and usually they're quick to join in with sharing their own ideas!

If for any reason they cannot come along, bring someone who understands your style, will get excited with you, and will share their honest opinions to help you make great decisions!

Q: How much should my flower budget be?

All weddings are different, and there is no right or wrong budget to have.

As per several NZ Wedding Magazines, the typical floral budget is around 8-10% of your overall wedding budget. In saying this, some brides only require a single bridal bouquet, where as others require large custom designs with imported blooms.

Table Flower understands that everyone has different priorities when it comes to your wedding day, and will work with everyone to create personalized pieces to match every budget.

Q: What am I paying for, when I book a Wedding Florist?

When you receive your estimate and/or quote, the individual prices include:

- Floral Ingredients
- Research and planning for your individual pieces
- Ongoing advice and assistance leading up to your wedding
- Preparation and construction of your personalized designs
- Your choice of fabric bindings, crystals or pearl fastenings
- Packaging on the day

Q: What happens after the Initial Consultation?

After your initial consultation with Table Flower, you will receive an estimate covering all the details we discussed.

Once you're happy with the estimate, you have the opportunity to lock in Table Flower as your Wedding Florist by paying a 10% deposit to secure the date.

At that point, you can tick florist off your list, and continue to lock in the rest of your vendors to create your dream wedding team.

With 1 month to go before your wedding date, we will be in touch to finalize the finer details in the design and add/remove any floral pieces you need. The final design is locked in and the full payment is made 14 days prior to the wedding date.

One week out, we will be in touch to confirm delivery times and addresses, as well as any set-up for the ceremony and reception decorations!

The next time you see me, I will be at the door step on your wedding day with your stunning bouquet!

Q: I'm D.I.Y-ing a lot of my day, can you help?

Yes - Head to the 'Floral Workshop' page for more information on our D.I.Y Consultation Package!

Q: Do you offer Wedding packages?

Yes - Table Flower has created a 'Pick and Mix' packages. This 'Pick and Mix' Package is perfect for those who are looking for stunning pieces for their wedding day, but do not require a full floral styling services, or floral set-up on the day.

This Pick and Mix package is perfect for clients who love Table Flower's style, and trust us to produce something in your colour scheme - using only the best seasonal products around! All flowers selected are florists choice, although we will keep our eyes out for any floral requests you've made!

By removing the need for consultations, and working with only seasonal 'florist choice' blooms, we can be clear on pricing upfront, helping those needing it with working to budgets!

For those wanting a more in-depth floral experience, with specific floral types and require a face to face consultations - or have more of a complex floral idea - it is best you contact Table Flower requesting a full wedding service.

Contact us directly for information on package options.

Q: How much do you charge for Delivery?

Delivery within Wellington is free of charge for orders $2000+.
Delivery outside Wellington is quoted at $2 per km.
All Pick and Mix flowers are pick up only.
Free pick up is available for all weddings.

Q: What's ONE piece of advise for those needing wedding flowers?

Get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, but remember that many images in Wedding Magazines, on Pinterest or throughout online Wedding Blogs are only created to last for the hour that is the photo-shoot.

Although stunning, some of your ideas may not be right for your big day! But rest assured, florists like Table Flower will work with you to use alternative flowers to re-create your dream pieces, while ensuring they remain picture perfect through-out your day!

We are want to create pieces you will love, so trust in us!