A World of Flowers

Hey pretty people!

So, I was super lucky in 2015, and spent 4.5 months travelling around Europe!!! (I know right!)

I saw the usual stuff like castles, churches, museums, iconic buildings, but although they were amazing I was constantly drawn to the markets and the little stores along the sides of the road. I could have spent hours circling all the stalls, taking in the smells and sights!

As per usual the absolute highlight of these was the flower stalls and gardens!

Every single corner I turned, no matter which country or town I was in, there was a proud florist or a stunning garden in bloom! As I was travelling in November and December majority were Christmas themed which made me childlike with excitement!

The wreaths of all shapes and sizes, the pinecones of every thinkable colour, the dried fruit bouquets whose sweet smell was drifting into the streets, and the smiles on everyones faces as they picked up their various winter blooms.

I've taken so much inspiration from this trip - and I am now super excited for Christmas!! (ONLY 341 DAYS TO GO!)

Maybe I'll even do a wreath workshop!


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