We've all had a fantasy of being showered with sweet smelling petals as we walk back down the aisle (even if its just for a second). 

Here are the most asked questions florists get on Wedding Petals!


Rose Petals are a very popular choice for couples, and you can get them in almost every colour! But just because rose petals are traditional, doesn't mean you need to use them! 

Flowers such as Hydrangeas are great for those on a budget. One stem, can fill up to 10 cones! 'Spider' Chrysanthemums have long skinny petals, which will last well out of water. Delphiniums come in blues, purples and pinks and can work both fresh and dried. Or think outside the box by using foliages like Olive or Round Eucalyptus for a lovely impact on a neutral palette!

Want colour or to add more of a personal touch?? Consider mixing a range of wildflowers, lavender, and rose, or flowers that remind you of family members, or your favorite place growing up. Get your guests involved, and have them to help themselves to a smorgasbord of petals while they wait for your grand entrance. They can collect their cone and fill it with the petals they love, or take it one step further and have 'His & Her' petals they can throw!

Dried petals and flowers can be really good alternatives to the traditional fresh rose! These can also be prepared in advance, and depending on the flower can be cheaper.

There really is no end to the range of ideas you can come up with! All florists love being inspired, so bring all your ideas along to your consulations! 


Every petal has a different shape & weight, which changes the way they will work for you. For instance the heavier the petal, the further they can be thrown - which may be of importance for a large wedding, or an outside aisle. On the same note, smaller petals will allow for more to be thrown at once - which creates such an impact! 

If you've chosen to go down the dried petal path, then you can experiment a lot more with colour and texture, but you may find that the mix is so light, that the petals don't fly as far! These however can look really rustic and romantic surrounding candles, or packed in little bags for your guests to take home.

Take into consideration your colour scheme, your aisle, and what effect you want from the petals. Bring along a list of the qualities you want from your petals - be it to throw, or to decorate, and we will come up with the best answer for your needs!


If you're a passionate D.I.Y-er, I recommend taking the dried flower route. Why not chat to your friends, families and friendly neighbours, about collecting a range of blooms from there garden year round. With time, you can easily collect and dry a variety of blooms to create a personalised mix of confetti, straight from your loved ones garden!

If you still are passionate about getting your fresh flowers, I highly recommend putting a loved one in charge of decontrusting the flowers the evening before. Remember it can take 1-2 roses to fill one cone, and can be anywhere between 36 - 100 roses required for an aisle. Now that's a job you don't need to worry about the night before your big day!

Check out this awesome experiment on Flirty Fleurs for Petal Aisles!


I hope this helps you get inspired, gives you some know how, and of course, helps you create a beautiful day!



Check with your venue, before you start chatting to your florist. Even in the case of an outdoor wedding, many venues do not want to be picking your petals out of the lawn before the next event!