Whats trending 2016 - My Top 10


Get on trend by adding a hanging display at your wedding this year!

For years brides and grooms have been using flowers, ribbons, plants and so much more to create their funky, fashionable and jaw dropping masterpieces. But now their creating these masterpieces above their guests heads or as fabulous backdrops for their photos. 

 Check some of these out!


In my personal opinion, there is only one thing more important than flowers at a wedding, and that is CAKE! Who doesn't get excited about a sugary treat before hitting the dance floor. 

This season, people are turning to colour for inspiration, and cakes are beginning to steal the show. Check out the below for some ideas for your big day.



It seems like everyone is a foodie now! So its time to incorporate our love of food into the wedding day itself.

Check out these super fun ideas for adding an element of 'food' into every element of the wedding day!


Metallics are super popular at the moment! They can be mixed with white and creams or with bright blooms to create a very glamorous setting!

These couples had some great ideas incorporating the metallic theme! See below...


Want to bring a little colour into your wedding day? Start with your dress!

This has got to be my favourite 2016 trend, but I love flowers. Brides are swapping out the traditional 'white' dress and lifting the bridal gown game with bold floral prints and bright colours. All the below dresses make me just wanna get married!


A lot of couples are keeping the environment in mind and using living plants instead of cut flowers! Succulents are definitely on trend this season with many couple using the green as their theme...

Check it out...


Now we all know that our guests will love a drink - so why not spoil them with cocktails! This season happy couples are getting creative when serving their favourite concoctions.

Time to get inspired!


Move over wedding veils, and helloooo hair pieces!

From boho looks, to rustic and traditional, to floral crowns and all the back again! Style you and your bridesmaids hair with a piece like the ones these brides wore...


2016 is calling for all couples to just chill out a little bit, throw some strict wedding traditions aside and just relax on their wedding day! Take a look at what some couple have done to take the stress off them on their big day!


Having your four legged friend along to your wedding, is becoming just as important as having your family there, so why not make it special. 

I must warn you that cute factor is high, and even if you don't have a fluff ball in your life, you may end up getting one now!

Check it out...

Hope you guys get lots of inspiration!


Everyone who has been married, been in a bridal party, or been in close proximity to those who've taken part in a wedding, has heard someone say…“The minute you say Wedding, the cost doubles”



So what are you paying for when you spend money hiring a professional wedding florist?

The best comparison I can make to Wedding Flowers, is something we all know about, and that’s dinner! Let’s get more specific, and go for a special occasion like a Birthday Dinner. You have three possible options for this meal, including:

 = Cooking up your favourite meal at home with guests

 = Heading out for cheap takeaway or BYO with friends and family

 = Splashing out on a fine dining experience with your loved ones.  


There are definite +’s and –‘s to each of these options.

For instance, cooking the meal yourself includes all the prep time from researching what to cook, figuring out ingredients, shopping at the various stores, to preparing the food, then of course cooking, serving and cleaning up afterwards. Majority of people will end up spending more time in the kitchen than with their guests, and feel a lot of pressure making sure that everyone is enjoying the meal that they’ve prepared! On a plus side - you’ve more than likely saved a few dollars by doing the cooking yourself.

Or, how about getting the same group of people, and ordering a takeaway or heading to your local cheap eats? This is potentially an easier option, although the food might not be the best quality, best tasting or best presented. Chances are its more expensive than cooking at home, BUT you get to spend time with your friends and family on your birthday.

Now let’s think about getting that same group of people and taking them out to one of the finer restaurants in your area. This will cost more, but its usually obvious why. With professional wait-staff, highly skilled chefs, seasonal and thought through menu’s, well treated and high quality produce, considered plate presentation and impressive flavour matchings! On top of that, the food tends to be things that we couldn’t create at home due to lack of the right produce, skill or time. Again, you get to share it with your family, and it also creates a memorable experience for everyone.

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NOW – Lets actually talk about flowers.

If you go back through each of these options but instead replace cooking at home with DIY’ing your flowers, a cheapo meal with picking up a pre-made bouquet from the supermarket or local florist on the day, and a fancy night out with a booked in advance professional wedding florist, you can start to see what I’m trying to say!

I 100% support D.I.Y brides, in fact, I have workshops to help those who like getting their hands dirty, but although you may end up saving a few hundred dollars here and there, the time required to design, order, condition then arrange can be stressful. The produce may not be the best, and the there may be some flowers that you wont be able to access. D.I.Y’ers also tend to underestimate the cost of the products themselves and how much you will need - keep in mind that weddings can have up to 600+ stems!!!. Now lets not forget the buckets, flower food, twine, pins, ribbon, wire, floral scissors, stem tubes etc. It may be a great experience, but even for some flower lovers out there, it can be really hard going, time consuming and energy taxing – everything that you don’t need in the few days before the wedding.

Check out for DIY Ideas!

Again, if you’re not too fussed on D.I.Y and just want a quick, cheap option, then going down the last minute pick up maybe an option. Going down this route makes it much harder to get the right colours to match your theme, flowers that you had your eye on and it’s a high chance that you wont get the quantities that you need. In saying that, if you’re priorities are not flowers, then that wouldn’t worry you!


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As a Wedding Florist, our job starts from the moment you contact us – which usually is 6 months plus in advance.

We work hard to figure out exactly what you're dreaming about, from colours, to flowers, to keeping under a specific budget. We have consultations, ongoing emails, quotations, as well as work weekends and late nights to suit brides and grooms who do 9 – 5’s.

Over a month prior to your wedding, florists are not playing with flowers, but doing the behind the scenes organisation that people tend to not see. From ordering your ‘must have’ flowers from multiple growers and suppliers – some flowers need to be ordered months in advance as they are so popular, and most need to come from a variety of different sources. Then we need to start sourcing your vessels, various containers, supplies matching your colour schemes, any general materials, all on top of fine tuning the agreed design – all with the goal of making your floral dream come true.

Wedding Budgeting Planning Stress Flowers

Once the flowers arrive, its action stations, with many florists hiring more staff to make sure that all the work can be done on time! Now we need to ensure each bunch is accounted for, condition each stem by cleaning off foliage and thorns, and then rehydrate every bloom with the professional solutions we previously ordered.

All our supplies including buckets, scissors and water sources, need to be SUPER clean to prevent the flowers from getting bacteria, so time is spent consistently bleaching, cleaning and drying correctly throughout the process.

Floral Equipment DIY Wedding NZ Florist Vases Tape Buckets Cost of Wedding Flowers

After all this work is done, the flowers then need to be monitored to ensure the blooms do not get too hot, too cold or damaged. 

With only 24 – 48 hours prior to your wedding left, the flowers finally start going through the design process. Hours upon hours can be spent working on creating your pieces. Ensuring the best blooms are used for your bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, table arrangements and more. Each are personalised, and wont leave the florists hands until they're 100% pleased that the design meets the couples requirements.

Once all the pieces are complete, they then need to be packaged and transported. Transportation isn't as simple as throwing them in the car, majority of the time its to more than one location – One to the Bride, another the groom, then to the ceremony location, then to the reception location. Then if there a bigger pieces, there could be multiple trips or a required vehicle to be arranged...

Then there is set up!

OK – So I expect you are starting to get the picture…

But the most important role that your florist plays, is one that most people do not consider – mainly because they do it so well. And that’s being trouble-shooters of the floral kind!

Nothing ever goes to plan, and many times flowers order those weeks ago arrive too small, too big, the wrong colour. Plans for weddings change, sometimes extra pieces are required last minute, you find out that grandma is really upset that you’re not using sunflowers or you’ve just spotted a great idea on Pinterest that you must have now (that the florist has never seen, let alone done before!)

Sometimes this means the florist spends more money than quoted, needs to hire even more staff to make it happen, or work extra hours to ensure you're happy.

OK – So hopefully I’ve changed your opinion, and rather than the ‘adding dollar signs on because you've said the word wedding’ attitude, its more, ‘adding on dollar signs, because the florist works hard to create a memorable design for your special day’.

I will finish by saying that I have not met a florist who doesn’t enjoy their job, in fact, most would say, that they LOVE their job.

It’s a dream come true for me to being doing a job that makes me happy each and every day – and as wedding florists, we hope that the time and energy we put into the work we do, is loved and respected by those that hire us!

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